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Casinos have a lot of bonuses. So many bonuses. An award without depositing a single coin is just one of the numerous offers. Out of all of them, this is the most appealing. It’s literally free cash. Who can’t complain about free cash?

But there is a catch. There is always a catch.

Below we explain the inner workings of this award in particular. After all, while the bonus is clear cut, there are tinier details to watch out for.

What Does No Deposit Actually Mean?

It can appear obvious based on its name alone, but it still confuses people. Why would someone give you this opportunity to gamble for free?

When you ask this question, it’s easy to think this bonus is shady. It’s easy to think awards without any cash deposit are merely a front to fraudulent businesses and this is how they rope players in. Especially when gambling companies apply these awards every now and then.

LeoVegas Casino
$1000 Welcome Bonus + 222 FS
Twin Casino
100% up to $200 + 100 FS
Yako Casino
22 FS & 50% up to $222

But that’s what’s interesting about this bonus. Indeed, this bonus is used as a way to engage players. However, these awards are offered as part of loyalty programs too.

This makes sense when you think about it: No matter how you cut it, bonuses that you can use without investing a single coin are free bucks or euros. No way about it.

This means the casino is not going to win anything from you. It makes sense to use these incentives to keep you playing or play in the first place. That way you’ll get to a point where you do spend real money.

So How Do They Work?

Gambling services providers employ this bonus as an opportunity for players to explore. Simple as that.

The main idea of this incentive is definitely to engage the players in a game. And why wouldn’t they? It’s free to play more or less.

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Naturally, the incentive is small. You’ll be hard-pressed to find any bonus worth $100 or more without depositing a single coin. That being said, they are typically enough to make you wish to stay with one casino.

Pros vs Cons to Awards without Cash Depo

On top of that, there will always be upsides and downsides to these awards. Being aware of these pros and cons is key to being a responsible player. You can also keep this in mind when determining which gambling provider you want to go for.

Pros to This Bonus
  • It’s free money. You gamble more and potentially win more.
  • You’ve got an opportunity to try new games with little financial risk. This helps you in determining whether this game is for you or not. Its kind of like free mode, except you could win money too.
  • On the note of individual games, you also get the complete experience wit an online casino experience as well. The bonus poses little risk. Not to mention an opportunity for you to determine whether you want to continue playing there or not.
Cons to This Bonus
  • You’ll face a high wagering condition. This condition forces players to bet a certain sum of money. If they don’t, they can’t claim any winnings.
  • Because these are such massive incentives, you may play longer than expected. Paired with the waging requirement, players may spend more money and time than they intended.
  • Even though gambling companies do have to be registered businesses, some can be shady and can still scam you. Make sure you read the fine details to make sure you’re not getting conned.
Bonuses Options

There are four major types. Below is a brief explanation of them:

  • Offers without depositing funds for sign up.  Upon signing up, you may get this bonus. Basically, it’s free cash given by your gambling services provider. You can use it on pretty much any game you like. Just don’t try to exploit this bonus by making multiple accounts. A casino has the resources to find out about them and will ban them all.
  • Free spins. Pretty straightforward. This bonus is actually free spins on some slot machines or one slot machine. Your gambling services provider will award you enough money to do a predetermined amount of spins. How many? It depends on the casino. This award might be proposed to players when a brand new slots software is released. This incentivizes players to try out these games.
  • Free cash. It’s what it says right on the box. Like the welcome prize, this isn’t a lot of money — typically $10 or less. This could come around during specific holidays or on unique occasions. Regardless, there will be wagering conditions placed on these bonuses. Hence, reading all the conditions to the suggested free cash or spins might be crucial.
  • Special codes. In some cases, you won’t get this bonus when you sign up. Instead the casino issues codes, under certain circumstances. To get this code, you may need to sign up to the mailing list of the provider. If you’re on their list long enough, they would eventually issue you a code.
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