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Another staple to casinos: welcoming bonuses. Used to attract players, this is another marketing tactic that is highly effective. The most lucrative online casinos know this as they have the best welcome bonuses around. Below we answer some of the basic questions about this type of bonus and some tips to pick out the best ones for you.

What Are Welcome Bonuses?

Also known as sign up bonuses, they’re offered to first-time players to in that casino. It is by far one of the most popular bonuses around as it’s a good tool in luring players in. As such, you’ll find pretty much any casino has a bonus like this.

Jackpot City Casino
Deposit Bonus up to $1600
Royal Vegas Casino
Welcome Bonus $1200
All Slots Casino
$1500 in Welcome Bonuses

Because of its popularity, casinos have a wide range. Some range up to into the thousands of dollars while others are much smaller. Regardless, these welcome bonuses come with specific conditions to consider as well.

How Do They Work?

Unlike most other bonuses, there isn’t any kind of special actions you need to get them. Once an account is made, you can claim this bonus. The question is more on how can you make the most of the bonus. Consider following these steps:

  • First, look at the bonuses across multiple casinos. There are plenty of lists displaying bonuses easily as well that can help too.
  • Second, check the terms and conditions section of the casino. Specifically, what conditions you must follow as part of the bonus. You want to do this before accepting as casinos can rope players into unpleasant circumstances from these bonuses.
  • Third, once you pick a solid casino, go to the casino’s banking page and select a payment option you’re comfortable with.
  • Fourth, enter how much you want to deposit. Then confirm the transaction.
  • Fifth, wait. The casino will soon send the bonus to you. In situations where you took a no deposit bonus, you’ll get the bonus right away.
  • Six, you’re done.

Are There Good and Bad Things to Welcome Bonus?

Absolutely. There are pros and cons to this type and other bonuses. After all, these bonuses are free, so there has to be a catch to it. In this case it’s the casino winning in some fashion.

Good Things with This Bonus
  • A solid welcoming bonus these days is a sort of seal of approval that this casino is reliable and popular. Solid welcoming bonuses are bonuses that are clear about their conditions and offer an appealing bonus. This makes weaving through safe casinos easier.
  • Regardless of the amount, it’s still free money. You can easily walk away with some real money from this experience.
  • The welcome bonuses are big enough to let you experience a wide variety of games. This lets you determine what you want to play and what you enjoy playing.
Bad Things with This Bonus
  • Every bonus has wagering requirements. This means you’re blocked out of withdrawing any of your winnings until those requirements are met. It’s this sort of scenario where some of the shadier casinos can get you. They place you in situations where you have to use your winnings or real money to make excessive bets. So make sure you read the finer details.
  • A welcome bonus can lead to players playing recklessly and spend more money than they deposited. It can lead to overspending.

What Are the Types of Bonuses?

Here’s a list:

  • Cash Match Bonuses - Bonus activates when you make your first deposit. As the name suggests, the amount is based on how much you deposit. This is the most popular form of bonuses.
  • Sticky Bonuses - This bonus is free cash you can use on games, but it sticks with the casino forever. In other words, you can’t claim any winnings you make from money spent with this bonus. Regardless, check the fine print around these bonuses as the conditions can be weird. That or go for the other bonuses.
  • Cashback Bonuses - Similar to cashback features on your credit card, this functions the same way. The only difference is it’s the casino giving you cash back. As for amounts it could be portions of loses or on the initial deposit. Check the conditions for specifics.
  • Free Spin Bonuses - It’s free money to play at specific slots. You’re given enough money to spin a certain amount of times. Regardless, there will be wagering requirements on this condition so be sure to read them before signing up.
  • No Deposit Bonuses - Similar to the cash match bonuses. This is free money you can use to play around before making an actual deposit. Normally, this bonus is very small with most offering about $10.

This is a solid bonus, but as always read the fine print. The last thing that you want is to be roped into some shady conditions.

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