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Bet on Zero: Winning Strategies

Roulette is one of the simplest games in ground and online casinos. There are two main varieties of the game – European and American and the difference is the presence…

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Multi-Player Slot Machines

Multi-player slot machines gained popularity much later than traditional online games. Nevertheless, the new type of slot machines became more popular among gamblers. Multi-player games provide opportunities not only to…

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Strategies and Tips for Winning

Nowadays, slot machines have become a very famous form of gambling around the whole world, of course where it is legal. Just imagine that 65% – 75% of the casino’s…

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The Original Software for Casinos

Online casino supports three main types of software. They are software, games and payment systems. The platform is the foundation that ensures the organic functioning of all elements of the…

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Problems with Online Casino Clients

Annually, the casino revenue is about $70m. This impressive figure attracts many scammers showing great interest in the casino industry. Online casinos are actively fighting with scammers but they find…

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