Online Casino with Neteller

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Neteller is an electronic system of payment, which operates worldwide. It was founded in 1999.

Today it works in more than 200 world countries, where the transactions in 22 world currencies are made. More than 1.000.000 people apply this system.

Online Casino with Neteller

Neteller is one of the means of payment in online casino

Neteller system allows the users applying such services as electronic money transactions. The recipient has no necessity to open an account in this system. In order to make a transaction, it is enough to write an email address of a recipient, where the notification about the transaction will be sent. It is possible to get the money after the registration on the website.

It is also possible to use MasterCard Net+ for paying in the online shops, while all the data will stay undisclosed. The card operates with 5 main currencies, including euro, American dollar, and British pound. It is possible to issue either plastic or virtual card.


You will be charged with certain fees for topping up a card:

  • if you apply VISA or MasterCard you will be charged with 1.5 - 4.9% fees,
  • if you pay with the Bank Transfer, you will have to give 7.5 Euros (the same fees will be taken, if you use a bank check),
  • if you use the Bank Draft, the fees will total 7.5 - 20 Euros.

Concerning the Net+ plastic card application, there are the following charges:

  • the exchange fees will total 2.95%,
  • the issue and delivery of the card will cost 8 GBP,
  • the payment will total 3 GBP,
  • despite the money amount, you will give $6 for the withdrawal.
Advice to the casino players

Neteller is used in the majority of online casinos. Opening an account, it is necessary to take the currency into consideration, because there are fees for the exchange. It is advisable to register an account in various currencies of Neteller system. Each user has an ID account and a 6-digit Secure ID indemnifier, which should be filled in order to confirm the money transaction.

As soon as you register, the company manager will call you to confirm the registration. After this, a user will get a nominal status. For getting more opportunities, it is required to fill the personal data.

System’s advantages

  • the data security,
  • the high speed of transactions,
  • the opportunity to have a personal card, which works as a standard one,
  • the absence of necessity to set up additional software,
  • the absence of fees for payments and withdrawals in casino,
  • the opportunity to get bonuses after making payments,
  • the ease of management,
  • opportunity to get bonuses for the points collected.


  • there are considerable fees for exchange, which total 2.9% of the sum,
  • the withdrawal might take 3 - 7 working days, the period depends on a definite bank; in order to avoid difficulties, it is possible to issue a MasterCard Net+ plastic card (however, it is useful only for constant application),
  • if a user has any questions concerning the system operation or a necessity to block the card, it is required to write a letter to the company’s email or dial their international phone number.

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