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Online Roulette is an old game, which does not require strong mental stresses. It can be played while enjoying and relaxing. Its origins go back to the 18th century. In our article you can learn more about how roulette appeared. In this article we will look at all the basic rules which you need to know to play roulette. They are pretty simple, so you can easily figure it out.

Online Roulette video

The name "roulette" is derived from the French word "Roulette", which translates as "wheel". Her invention is attributed to Blaise Pascal back in the 17th century, who, in general, was puzzled by a completely different idea - by the creation of a perpetual motion machine. But someone saw those interesting mechanism, which was a wheel with a ball, and in 1796 the first roulette appeared in Paris, retaining its design unchanged to the present.

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How did roulette travel the world?

Despite the preservation of the general principles of its application, the roulette has experienced some small changes. For example, in Europe in 1843, the “European” roulette was “invented”. The main innovation in it was a single sector of “zero”, instead of two in "French" roulette. And although the place of modernization is considered to be the German Hamburg, the idea is attributed to two French - Francois and Louis Blanc.

Modern history of Roulette

All modern casinos traditionally cannot exist without roulette. It remains one of those popular entertainment which attracts more than the rest of the games taken together. The popularity does not also spared the services located on the Internet, namely online casinos.

The birth of the online gaming industry began in the 1990s, when the Internet became massive and appeared even on home personal computers. Now everyone can try his luck without leaving home, if such a desire arose. Most online casinos offer you a choice to play “American” and “European” roulette, but there are those which give everyone a chance to play the original “French” version.

Online Roulette TipsOnline Roulette by Microgaming

The tireless design talent of creators of online casinos has led to the emergence of such original options as letter roulette and the presence of tips for beginners.

The development of online resources is almost independent of the existence of bans on casinos in some countries in the world. The Internet is an international platform and it’s difficult to apply the laws of just some countries here.

Online Roulette Table

There are numbers in a special format on the gaming table. Bets are made here. Gambling chips are usually used in casinos instead of real money. You can exchange your money for chips at the casino cashier. There are internal and external field on the game table.

Roulette Table

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The internal field contains all numbers from 0 to 36. Each three consecutive numbers form a row, vertical lines form three columns of twelve numbers each. The external field is located on the edges of the playing field for external bets. Each such field corresponds either to certain numbers or to some qualities of numbers (even/odd).

Wheel of Roulette

The dealer rotates the wheel and throws a ball in the corner in the opposite direction of the wheel's rotation. There are special hollows for the ball in the roulette (they are often called "pocket", "notch"). The roulette contains only 37 numbers: from 0 to 36 - in the “European”, and the “American” version has one more number. There is an additional sector “00” - double zero (38 numbers in total).

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After several rotations, the ball will fall into one of the pockets. After that, the results are summarized, namely, the winnings are distributed between the casino and the players.

Roulette game for Real Money

Online Roulette is a fairly simple game which you can learn without any problems. The game takes place on a special wheel, which consists of a set of cells in red and black, as well as one or two green. The wheel rotates in one direction and a ball is launched there which turns in the opposite direction. When the wheel slows down, the same happens with the ball, which, as a result, stops at one of the numbers. The purpose of the player is to choose and make a bet on the number on which this will fall. You can bet on a specific number or group, color and even odd/even.

Live Roulette

Live Roulette - is a game with real dealers. It is the most profitable game for online casinos, which can be played in real time. It is essential for enhancing the competitive advantage of casinos in the virtual gambling industry. The advantages of Live Roulette are obvious, compared to the rather primitive online roulette.

Live Roulette

Here they are:

  • Firstly, Live Roulette is a product of the new time, with a live broadcast of what is happening, allowing you to play in a casino in real time;
  • Secondly, the game provides a direct exchange of informational messages between the real dealer and the players. The live roulette process is always as close as possible to the realities of a real casino;
  • Thirdly, the virtual roulette is always "two, and maybe even three in one." Live roulette can have several game subspecies at once (European, American, French roulette. The list is quite extensive).

The main features of Live Roulette are: real roulette wheel, additional fields for betting and high HD quality broadcast with automatic focus.

Do not forget about the fact that live roulette provides simultaneous access to thousands of players from PCs and iPad devices.

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The casino operator is increasing its momentum and also increases the attendance and prestige of the virtual institution with all the main roulette games. You can add Immersive Roulette, Dual Play Roulette, and also Speed Roulette to extend the gaming range.

What are the advantages of Dual Play Roulettes?

Dual Play Roulette is an exclusive addition designed to unite fans of real and online casinos at one gambling table. It is natural to increase the popularity and income of any online casino due to the expansion of the circle of clients.

What are the advantages of Speed ​​Online Roulette?

Speed ​​Online Roulette has no equal in speed and frequency of winnings. This development embodies all the qualitative characteristics of a fast and almost lightning-fast game ourdays.

Speed ​​online roulette will not leave anyone indifferent who has every minute counted. A playing round (from bet to bet) takes no more than 25 seconds. The duration of the game is reduced by almost half of the usual rate adopted in standard Live Roulettes.

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A pleasant bonus will be a general multi-channel chat, which will allow players to share unforgettable impressions of the game and operators will help to identify new patterns of player behavior.

Mobile Roulette

Mobile roulette can be immediately put bold plus when it comes to convenience. Of course, playing on the computer, drinking tea from a favorite cup is also a great option, but unfortunately, the system unit and the monitor do not fit in your pockeе and is not always and everywhere can be comfortable with a laptop. Just download the roulette on your mobile device if you are going to have a long trip home or work and maybe, one day a tight bus can soon be changed to a taxi or to your own car.

Mobile Roulette

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Another advantage is that mobile roulettes are made in the form of applications. In other words, when it comes to playing on the phone, this does not mean that you have to open the mobile browser, launch the game, wait for a long download and eventually see an error. The application is installed separately, has compact functionality and loads in just a couple of seconds.

There are not so many disadvantages to mobile roulettes:

  • Simpler design;
  • Possible incorrect operation on devices with a large screen resolution;
  • Not all types of roulettes available in online casinos can be available as a mobile application. Sometimes, it can be really difficult to find working Mobile Live Roulette application;
  • Not all mobile roulettes have a free mode and it may not always be available without an Internet connection;
  • The browser version has advanced features, in contrast to the mobile version.

All these problems, developers are trying to take into account in subsequent projects or reprints of existing games. For example, if you are interested in playing roulette on the tablet, then pay attention to the HD version, if there are any, or just visit the category of “Tablets Roulette”. The graphics are also gradually improved, but this, accordingly, will also affect the requirements for the device configurations.

On which mobile platforms is roulette available?

Mobile roulette for android can be downloaded both from the Play Market and from third-party resources - but it is at your own risk and peril. Best of all, of course, download roulette from the Play Market or on the website of a trusted online casino. In addition to roulette on Android, there is also an iPhone Online Roulette, which can be played on different versions of the IOS operating system both on the iphone and on the ipad.

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