Popular Online Casino Payment Methods

The payment methods available at your chosen online casino can have a huge impact on the quality of gaming experience that you enjoy. Ideally as a player you want to enjoy a range of safe, secure options as well as tight security and little or no delay in transaction times.

Luckily most of Canada’s top casinos do offer players plenty of options when it comes to banking methods but which methods are the best, are there any to avoid and how do you know the differences between the options available.

We’ve reviewed all of the most popular and convenient payment methods available for players at some of the top online casinos and have weighed them all for ease of use, security, speed and accessibility.

Read out comprehensive review now and find out which payment is best for you:


A popular Swedish fintech company, Trustly was originally launched in 2008 and has grown hugely popular around the world as a first-class e-commerce provider. The company is licensed by the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority (Finansinspektionen) and counts Groupon and Facebook as clients. Currently processing over 2 million transactions a month, Trustly is well respected and has earned a reputation for security and safety.

  • Safe, secure payment method offering fast, hassle free transactions and a single log in for all your direct online banking needs.
  • Three step verification can be tricky to set up if you’re new to the Trustly system and site works best with European based vendors.


Arguably the biggest name in online payments for casino players around the world, VISA makes depositing and withdrawing funds, fast, easy and intuitive. You don’t need to set up an e-wallet or separate account and can track all your transactions through your regular monthly VISA card statements. VISA runs one of the most high-tech anti-fraud systems in the world and features cutting-edge digital encryption, so you always know your funds are safe and secure.

  • Exceptional security features, advanced ant-fraud measures, ease of use and hassle-free option of tracking payments via regular monthly VISA card statement.
  • Many online casino players like to keep their credit statements and online banking funds separate, some players may also not want to deposit on credit and pay APR on casino deposits.


Another household name in online payments, MasterCard is widely accepted by just about every online casino around the world, and with good reason. MasterCard offers players a safe, secure way to manage the fund on their accounts and offers added protection in the form of SecureCode. With a 24/7 support team and secure payment portal, MasterCard is a favourite amongst online casino players for the all-round flexibility of payments

  • One of the web’s most widely accepted credit cards and offers enhanced security features and additional SecureCode protection to ensure added safety.
  • As mentioned above, some online casino players do prefer to keep their credit card and casino accounts separate and paying for deposits can add a layer of admin.


Paysafecard is one of the global leaders in pre-paid payment methods and a firm favourite among online casino players who feel pre-payment options help them budget more carefully and who may want to keep their main bank accounts and casino accounts separate. Your paysafecard allows you to pre-load funds directly onto your card allowing you to shop online or fund your account quickly and easily.

  • Quick and easy to use and allows players to keep regular bank account and casino account separate for ease of budgeting.
  • Buying your paysafecard requires purchase from a participating vendor and topping up each time you want to deposit can be somewhat time-consuming.


One of the best e-wallet options available on the web, Skrill is for us one of the best payment methods available for online casino players. To get started simply open a Skrill wallet (it only takes a few minutes) and add funds to your wallet. Once set up you can make instant deposits and withdrawals to your Skrill wallet with superb digital encryption technology meaning you’ll enjoy complete peace of mind.

  • Fast, flexible, secure and easy to use, Skrill is our top choice of payment method for online casino players in Canada and beyond.
  • Very few – Skrill gives you complete control over your funds and allows you to separate your main bank account and casino account for ease of management.

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