Yggdrasil Gaming

Yggdrasil Gaming – A wonderful world of games – this is the best gift from the developer of online entertainment. And yet this world is virtual, however, it is quite capable of capturing the attention of a player, allowing the latter to escape from this hustle & bustle of everyday life. A reward may be very solid prizes that can not only raise your spirits but also make you believe in your luck. Yggdrasil is a legend that has become a reality.

Yggdrasil Gaming

In the legends of many peoples, one can find references to the ever-growing, "world" tree – but only the Scandinavians erected this beautiful symbol in the basis of the universe. The sacred tree of Yggdrasil – a huge yew or ash, according to the traditions of the northern peoples, stands literally "at the crossroads" of several worlds. Under the canopy of its branches, there are powerful gods & mere mortals, as well as mythical creatures. It was this mysterious plot that became the source of inspiration for the creators of Yggdrasil Gaming software.

Cherry ABThe company was created in Sweden; the creators are well-known developers of Cherry AB company headed by Frederik Elmqvist (ex-head of Net Entertainment) – in fact, it can be said that the Yggdrasil Gaming brand became its branch, a subsidiary company.

It is worth noting that the company reinforces the selected mythological story about the tree of Yggdrasil – among the products released by Yggdrasil Gaming, you can really meet a variety of entertainment. The number of games is quite impressive. Among them, there are lotteries, 3D Keno slots, video slots, and plenty of other exciting things for the gamblers. All the games launched by Yggdrasil Gaming are not just interesting, but also high-quality (it concerns both drawing and animation), which allows the players immersing into a fantasy world of their slots.

The company specializes in classical slots, which usually have 5 reels, 20 paylines, and special symbols (the scatters and wilds). Traditionally, such games give the opportunity to get free spins and increase the winnings. There are often bonus games in them (additional to the main game). They are funny and profitable. Another positive moment of this company’s games is progressive jackpots, offered in the majority of the slots. Despite the adherence to the traditional slots, the gameplay of Yggdrasil Gaming slots is full of creative and original options, making the games unusual and attractive even for the experienced players.

Yggdrasil Games

Among the innovations proposed by the "novice" company, it is possible to single out a special category of items (lotto express, games for mobile devices, video scratch & classical maps, etc.), which works on the basis of the special technology "NUMB3R L0V3RS" called by developers of Yggdrasil Gaming the "magic of numbers". There is one more innovation, known as iSENSTEM. It gives the gamblers a chance to try such wonderful slots not only on their PC but also on the other devices, especially a mobile phone.

Rainbow RyanBesides, Yggdrasil Gaming uses Flash technology in all their games. It allows avoiding long downloading and allows playing your favorite slots online in the browser.To such entertainment, leaving vivid impressions, you can include Free Rounds, Rapid Play, Double-Up, etc. The gameplay is also characterized by high speed and the presence of a pleasant soundtrack.

Yggdrasil Gaming is included in the list of the most popular Internet resources, which is another reason to enjoy playing their awesome slots.

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